Statement of ethics

One Man Crew views ethics and responsible actions as a foundation. I like to hold myself to a high standard of conduct, and in making any filmed piece, I will want to stay within certain expectations of ethics.

If the concept for a piece is NON-ARTISTIC, I can accept the work so long as:

One Man Crew endeavours to support honest communication. In making a non-artistic piece, I would encourage your concept to be informative rather than persuasive. For this reason, I will avoid work that involves filming advertisements.

I define an advertisement as being a form of communication that;

If the concept for a piece is ARTISTIC, I can accept the work so long as:

Last but not least and in all cases, if I'm part of a team, I prefer to avoid the use of hierarchy.

I have the right to make independent judgement calls about what concepts I find acceptable. Further, I also have the right to decide which concept falls within which criteria. If your concept is one I would not want to be involved in, don't be discouraged! I can always negotiate to find a positive, constructive and consistent way of expressing what you want to express.