One Man Crew is a Sydney-based production outfit for digital film & web video. It's literal - one man is the crew.

The characteristics of a One Man Crew project are:

One working conversation. From start to finish, I can take a vision through the whole process from concept to finished product, including storyboarding, writing, filming and editing. If you ask nicely, I can even swallow my pride and make ham-fisted attempts at acting.
(Disclaimer: I'm not a musician, and any soundtrack would have to be either with stock music or a third party composition. I'm also unable to produce animated works.)

One lasting commitment. My work on a project doesn't stop after it's finished. Even after publishing a film or video, I can make technical improvements, on request, for no extra charge.

One upfront declaration. One Man Crew is intended as an ethical business, and I make a choice to wear my values on my sleeve. As much as possible, I don't hide what I can and can't do.